Red Weather Alert tomorrow – people should stay at home


Red Weather Alert tomorrow – people should stay at home

The Chief of Police has declared an uncertainty for public safety for the whole country tomorrow, Friday 14. February.

A red weather alert has been issued for the greater Reykjavík area from 7 am (07:00), tomorrow morning. This means that no one should go outside unless in emergency.

All regular school activity will not be in function but schools remain open with minimum staff for people who need to work in emergency operations, such as police, ambulances, fire departments and rescue operations. The big storm will go down after 3 pm. (15:00) which means that most services will be disrupted tomorrow morning and even for the whole day.

· People are urged to stay at home tomorrow and follow instructions from the authorities.

· People should be able to go outside after 3 pm.

· If necessary new announcements will be sent out tomorrow morning.

· All schools will be closed except for those who work in emergency services.

· Swimming pools will be closed until 3 pm.

· After school leisure centres will be closed until 3 pm.

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